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2020 SEEP Annual Conference - Call for Learning Space Concepts

Welcome to the Call for Learning Space Concepts form - we're happy to see you here. We are looking for conveners of provocative learning experiences that will spark thinking and beckon participants to question, debate, and take action together. We are counting on you, our members, to co-design a program that inspires transformational learning through interactive experiences and hands-on application of concepts to real work.
  1. This form must be submitted by Friday, July 31.
  2. Reference the Call for Learning Space Concepts webpage for detailed guidance and selection parameters.
  3. Contact with any questions you may have.
The Learning Space convener must be a member of The SEEP Network. If you are interested in joining our collaborative learning network, we encourage you to apply for membership. If you are unsure of the status of your organization, or if you would like to put your organization's membership in good standing, please contact

While submissions are unlimited, only up to 2 submissions per organization will be selected for the conference program.

All contributors are expected to register and pay for the conference.

  • July 31 - Your Learning Space concept must be submitted by this date. 
  • August 15 - A shortlist of 7-8 conveners per technical stream are invited to develop a more in-depth plan for their Learning Space.
  • Mid-August - End-September - Sub-committee members will be paired with Conveners for Learning Space coaching. 
  • October 26-30 - Conference week!
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